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建國科技大學 設計學院 空間設計系
ChienKuo Technology University Department of Spatial Design
The History of This Department
The History of This Department 
Recently the trend of international development reveals that “culture creative industry” was taken to be “the fourth wave-economic power,” following “the third wave-information industry.” Consequently, the Government leads the industry, officials and the academic circle to generate culture creative industry, hopes to promote whole design industries in Taiwan. The space design field of culture creative industry such as architectural design, interior design, landscaping design may improve domestic environment quality, push forward development of the industry and commerce, upgrade their comprehensive value and image, and then create infinite commercial opportunities.
Chienkuo Technology University is located in the north of Changhua County, adjacent to Taichung Metropolitan Districts, with convenient transportation, abundant industrial resources in the neighboring areas, and hence fits for the development of space design industry. From this viewpoint, the university established Space Design Department and recruited a day school class of four-year bachelor degree in 2003, and then recruited a night school class of four-year bachelor degree in 2006. To correspond with the need of space design personnel, our department recruited a night school class of two-year bachelor degree and another night school class of two-year junior college in 2009. And we recruited a two-year bachelor class of continuing education school to link up with new trend of architecture and interior design industries in 2011.
Anybody interested in Architecture, Interior, Landscaping design and management is welcome to join us!
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